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The only ZERO-CARBON courier service in

| Collect and deliver
Urgent, same day and multi-drop
| Always on time
| Always by bike

DID YOU KNOW? By running just one cross-town errand by car every day for one year, your business:

Spends £4500 on lost

person-hours and fuel

Loses 260 hours of


Produces 385kg of CO2e

through vehicle emissions

One return journey, of two miles each way, one hour duration, at a labour cost of £15/hour and 0.37g/mi of CO2e


Place an order

Urgent Eco Postie deliveries in Newquay

Your consignment will be collected AND delivered within one hour of the order being placed.

Urgent orders must be placed before 3pm.

Same day Eco Postie deliveries in Newquay

Orders placed before 3pm are guaranteed to be collected and delivered that same day.

Courier area in Newquay for Eco Postie

Scheduled multi-drop delivery orders.


Why Eco Postie?

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Improve efficiency and productivity via urgent and same day services

  • Avoid wasted person-hours

  • Contribute to a healthier environment

  • Join a community of like-minded local businesses

  • Receive key performance metrics linked to Eco Postie miles



DID YOU KNOW? Atmospheric concentration of CO2 has risen by 35% in 102 years?

1920: 310ppm 

2022: 417ppm 

We love 
Newquay. And we love bikes.
We've got a passion for sustaining the natural environment while helping local businesses grow and connect.



Zero carbon emissions

Contributing to cleaner air for Newquay and a reduction of greenhouse gases

No cars, no vans, no EV's and no mopeds.

Just  bicycles.

By using ONLY bicycles, we guarantee that our journeys produce ZERO carbon emissions.

All Hands In_edited.jpg



Promoting eco-conscious business and collaboration in Newquay

Bringing together like-minded, eco-conscious businesses.


Collaboration is key as we aim to make Newquay a beacon for sustainable practices.

Bicycle Chain



Repurpose Recycle

Minimising carbon footprint of equipment 

Repurposed bicycles, well maintained and serviced.

Recycled fabric for rider apparel.

A circular economy reduces emissions through production and waste.

IMG_4796 (3).jpg


Outstanding service

Keeping people at the heart of business

Despite the developments in technology, people make a business.

Our local riders know Newquay inside and out. They provide a truly exceptional service with efficiency,  good humour and good manners.

Newquay Eco Postie overhead.png

  • Collect and deliver from and to Newquay TR7 and Nansledan addresses

  • Offer urgent, same day or multi-drop services

  • Produce ZERO carbon emissions

  • Reduce traffic congestion, noise and pollution

  • Promote Newquay and its sustainable credentials

  • Provide equitable and flexible employment

  • Deploy polite, efficient, helpful and good-humoured riders

  • Connect local, environmentally conscious businesses and encourages collaboration

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles

  • Repurpose used bicycles and wear recycled fabrics to minimise production footprint

The core service of Eco Postie is simple

But our VISION is much BIGGER

logo transparency file- op 4 black.png

More than just a business transaction. 

We're proud to be working alongside so many outstanding Newquay businesses

to reduce traffic and emissions.


Contact us below to join the ride.



Saddle Up

Interested in becoming a team rider for Eco Postie?

We'd love to hear from you. 

Along for the Ride

Working with local businesses and those from further afield is like a tail wind on a summer's day.

Get in touch if you'd like to partner with us in our mission.

Eco Postie Ltd.

Company Number: 14889915

Thanks for getting in touch!

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